• How to free convert Youtube/FLV to mp3/mp4 or to other video formats

    How to convert Flv video format to fit your cellphone or other portable players? Usually Flv is widely used in youtube streaming online, if you have downloaded youtube and now hurry finding a video converter to fre transfer youtube to mp4/mp3.

  • How to save streaming classical radio to mp3 for free

    How to download these classical internet radios online free from shoutcast? ESFsoft Radio Downloader is capable to help you save the streaming classical music radio to your PC free in high mp3 quality.

  • Download famous storytelling This American Life from soundcloud

    Download famous storytelling This American Life from soundcloud.

    Storytelling is the conveying of events in words, images and sounds, and soundcloud contains a variety of stories through sounds which offers entertainment, education, cultural, etc. For example, each week This American Life chooses a theme and present various stories on that theme. The channel is hosted by Ira Class provides quite a lot American real life stories to through sound. How to download the storytelling to listen everywhere if the story is long to merely one hour and you do not like to sit in front of the computer all the time? ESFsoft Soundcloud Downloader is a great online storytelling audio downloader especially designed for soundcloud. Use it to record high quality storytelling audio from soundcloud.

  • Blu-ray to DVD Converter Software Review

    As the newest video format, Blu-ray seems to be out of reach for many people, so the Blu-ray to DVD Converter Software emerge as the times require.
  • Blu-ray to iPad Converter Software Review

    The basic features of Blu-ray to iPad Converter Software. And how to use Blu-ray to iPad Converter Software?
  • AAC

    AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) appeared in 1997 based on MPEG-2 audio coding technology that is developed by Nokia and Apple together owing to replace MP3 format.
  • Ogg - OGGVobis

    Ogg is the abbreviation of OGGVobis, a new compressed audio format similar to mp3 music format.
  • WMA

    WMA (Windows Media Audio) is an audio format in a class with MP3 that developed by Microsoft.
  • WMV

    WMV stands for Windows Media Video.
  • MP1 MP2 MP3

    The compression of MPEG audio file is lossy one. According to the compression quality and coding complexity, it can be divided into MP1, MP2 and MP3.