• Suzanne : Je ne peux pas trouver une autre URL Finder libre mieux que ESFSoft URL Sniffer

    ESFSoft URL Sniffer est le meilleur capturer des URL. Tous les flux peuvent être détectés. Quand je lance ce freeware et visiter quelques sites de musique en ligne, wouah, des choses étonnantes. Quelle que soit la piste musicale je clique pour jouer, ESFSoft URL Sniffer devrait obtenir leur urls téléchargeable. Croyez-moi! C'est rapide et précis pour trouver les URL de flux à partir d'Internet.
  • SoccerTicket : prerequisite software

    After a comprehensive test, I am sure ESFSoft Rtmp Downloader is the tool I want, it downloads video from BBC very fast in a command-line window. - it can download all BBC video - it can download rtmp stream - it’s very simple to use
  • John : even better than those need pay

    ESFSoft Rtmp Downloader works wonderful for BBC news video downloading. I then use these video from Internet to study and practice oral my English wherever I like. It’s worth pointing that the quality of the downloaded BBC video is the best just as vivid and HD as what I watch online, um, this freeware is even better than those need pay, I bet.
  • IT Jack : Download soundcloud to mp3 for more than two hundred times

    The reason why I love ESFSoft Soundcloud Downloader for Mac is that it’s free of charge. I spent quite a long time searching for this kind of program for downloading on Mac, most of them need pay. I almost gave up till I met ESFSoft Soundcloud Downloader for Mac. Using it to download soundcloud to mp3 for more than two hundred times, I believe it can work without limit.
  • DarkGroove : A good solution to download music off

    Yeah ESFSoft Soundcloud Downloader for Mac, we are all familiar with lots of ways to get mp3 from websites where they don’t allow us to rip or download. It really isn’t a hard problem for ESFSoft Technology because it could be a good solution to download music off in general.
  • Bowen : good at turn the inverted video upside down

    This Free Media Player works very well for my local multimedia files. It’s a supreme player to decode and play KMP and DVD. You know, it’s good at turn the inverted video that I shot by 3G cellphone upside down. Cool~
  • Carol : keeps image and audio synchronized

    ESFsoft Media Player keeps image and audio synchronized and produces excellent result. It’s powerful and able to support lots of media files on my PC, some of which can not even recognized by Windows Media Player, Real Player, Apple QuickTime. I like it very much.
  • Alanbrooke : Undoubtedly a good freeware for convert to audio

    ESFsoft Audio Converter is the best I’ve tried so far. It did a great job of converting FLV to MP3, quite fast and simple to use. The most important is it’s free of charge, and the variety of output formats MP3, AC3, AIFF, OGG, WAV suffice for my needs.
  • Merlin : high quality output

    I can’t help to thank ESFsoft for creating such an awesome Audio Converter. The output audio formats are exactly what I want. All of them are of high quality after conversion. Then I can put them into videos as background sound. Terrific!
  • Benedict : Fantastic free soundcloud downloader

    Fantastic free soundcloud downloader. Thanks for so great audio streaming ripper and downloader and thanks ESFsoft’s comfortable service when I send e-mail via the contact info, you are quite nice. I can’t wait to share with colleague about your product.
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