• WMA 2013-04-22

    WMA (Windows Media Audio) is an audio format in a class with MP3 that developed by Microsoft.
  • WMV 2013-04-22

    WMV stands for Windows Media Video.
  • MP1 MP2 MP3 2013-04-22

    The compression of MPEG audio file is lossy one. According to the compression quality and coding complexity, it can be divided into MP1, MP2 and MP3.
  • WAV 2013-04-22

    Developed by Microsoft, audio format WAV complies to RIFF (Resource Interchange File Format) and is used in save audio information resources on Windows platform
  • Blu-ray to DVD Converter Software Review 2013-01-31

    As the newest video format, Blu-ray seems to be out of reach for many people, so the Blu-ray to DVD Converter Software emerge as the times require.
  • Blu-ray to iPad Converter Software Review 2013-01-31

    The basic features of Blu-ray to iPad Converter Software. And how to use Blu-ray to iPad Converter Software?
  • Watermark 2013-01-28

    It is similar to a logo or imprint.
  • Region Codes 2013-01-28

    region codes are a digital-rights management technique, containing Blu-ray region codes, dvd region codes and etc.
  • AACS 2013-01-25

    AACS is the official standard for digital rights management on Blu-ray Discs.
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